Our stories

The Nautilus Welfare Fund provides services to retired seafarers and their dependants. Who better then to tell you about our services then our service users?

Over the past 150 plus years, the Nautilus International Welfare Fund has assisted thousands of retired seafarers and their dependants. We understand the industry our clients have arrived from and the care that they need. We also understand that making plans for your future care or that of your loved one is important and can be difficult.

To show you what life is really like in Mariners’ Park and the services we provide, we have collected stories from the people that matter most — our service users:

Sheena Shaw is Mariners’ Park longest-serving resident, having moved in with her parents when her seafaring father retired.

If you are a Mariners’ Park resident, or have received a grant or other support from the Nautilus Welfare Fund, you can send your story to us.