One person told us that the activities organiser was ‘worth her weight in gold’.

The Nautilus Welfare Fund is a charity registered with the Charity Commission. Some of the charity’s services are registerable services, governed by the Care Quality Commission.

A charity

The Nautilus Welfare Fund is registered with the Charity Commission, number 218742. The charity submits financial accounts on a yearly basis and these can be found on the Charity Commission website.

The Mariners’ Park Care Home and Domiciliary Care Services are registered with the Care Quality Commission, which conducts regular inspections of the Care Home premises to ensure they are meeting national standards. The latest reports can be found on the Care Quality Commission website.

The Nautilus Welfare Fund is extremely proud of the good reputation that its services have achieved and strives to constantly provide the best possible service to retired seafarers and their dependants.

In 2012 the Care Quality Commission conducted a thorough inspection of the charity’s service and interviewed service users. Its report stated:

‘During our visit we spoke with a volunteer who was working at the home and she told us about a respite stay she had there following surgery. She said that it was “brilliant”. People we spoke with said that they enjoyed their meals at Mariners’ Park, the food was excellent and they could ask for more if they wanted to.

‘One person told us that the activities organiser was “worth her weight in gold”. People we spoke with told us that the staff were very kind and they had never heard staff shouting or treating people in an unpleasant way.’

Extract from the Care Quality Commission report published September 2012