The Nautilus Welfare Fund is a registered charity, of which the trustee is Nautilus International's governing Council.

The current fund secretary is Mike Jess, an assistant general secretary at Nautilus International.

Management of the fund is delegated by Council to the Nautilus Welfare Fund Committee, and day-to-day running of services is carried out by the welfare services manager and other Nautilus personnel.

Nautilus Welfare Fund Committee

The Nautilus Welfare Fund committee has delegated powers from the Nautilus International Council to run the fund. It can make recommendations to Council for changes or improvements to the fund and its services but the Council, as the Trustee, is the decision-making body.

The committee meets four times a year and is made up of not more than 15 members plus a director from the Council.

Members are a mix of retired and serving seafarers, and representatives from the Council. The number of Council members is not specified, but in 2013 there were four council members on the committee.

The current committee chairman is Robert Thornton and the Council Trustee is John Lang. Membership of the committee is reviewed every two years.