Additional support

We support retired seafarers and their dependants

The Nautilus Welfare Fund undertakes a number of projects to support retired seafarers and their dependants across the UK.

As well as providing retirement housing, a residential care home and grants, the Fund continually seeks other ways to improve the lives of retired seafarers and their dependants.

Recent research commissioned by the Maritime Charities Funding Group found that older ex-seafarers were more likely than the average UK pensioner to have poor health, be socially isolated and find it difficult to access support — which may partly be due to the circumstances surrounding their time at sea.

These findings led to the establishment of the Nautilus Welfare Fund’s Better Health for Ex-Seafarers and Caseworker projects, which provide advice, help and support for retired seafarers on a wide range of health, lifestyle, wellbeing and financial issues.

Both projects ran for an initial 18 months. After that time the Better Health project was ended and the responsibility for ensuring that retired seafarers live healthy lives became part of the holistic approach taken by the Caseworker project.

The Caseworker project has now received additional funding and has been extended into new areas. To find out about accessing the support of a caseworker please read more about this project.

The Nautilus Welfare Fund continues to undertake research on the needs of retired seafarers. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about any existing or potential new projects.