Guest apartment

A new visitors' apartment is under construction at Mariners' Park for family and friends of residents, which is due for completion in October 2018.

Having more time for visitors is one of the things that make the retirement years something to look forward to.

At the Nautilus Welfare Fund, we understand that once you move to Mariners' Park, your family and friends may not be as close by as they used to be, so short visits might become more difficult. We also appreciate that the Park's retirement apartments do not always have space for overnight guests.

This is why the Fund has previously set aside one apartment specifically for the guests of Mariners' Park residents, both those in the Care Home and in our independent housing.

Upgrading work notice

Currently there is no guest accommodation available at the Park, as a new guest ensuite facility is being built as part of a new development in Ismay Drive, due to be completed in December 2018.

Information about local hotels and accommodation options can be provided in the meantime by the Trinity House Hub reception or by telephoning 0151 346 8840.